San Diego Gray Whale Watching Tours a Favorite Attraction Ticket

San Diego Gray Whale Watching Tours a Favorite Attraction
During Gray Whale Migration From December Through April

Whale Watching Tour Boat and Whale Sighting Video
on San Diego Bay and Coast

There are a lot of attractions in San Diego and one seasonal
attraction which is fun and entertaining for those of all
ages is whale watching. Gray Whale watching is one of the
most popular since the migration takes place right off
the coast of California and the Gray Whale likes to use the
coast and land nearby to navigate.

Gray Whale Watching Tickets with discount prices
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or call 1-800-632-1698 for whale watching
boat tours in San Diego and Newport Beach California.

Whale Watching San Diego

Whale Watching San Diego

With the Gray Whale staying close to land it is not uncommon to
find a pod of whales within a short time of elaving the dock
on a whale watching tour and therefore many of these tours
for gray Whales are popular because they are short and offer
whale sightings in short 4 hour trips.

San Diego offers a wide variety of whale watching tours
and they are all good since the boat captains on all ships
work together to help direct ships to places where whales
and dolphins are spotted.

Flagship and Hornblower are two whale watching boat tours
that is docked from downtown San Diego and others are
based out of Newport Beach.

About Gray whales:

The gray whale is a baleen whale (it is a filter feeder) that grows up to 50 feet long and weighs up to 36 tons.

Gray whales congregated in small pods of about 3 whales, but the pod may have as many as 16 members. Large groups (up to hundreds of whales) form in feeding waters, but these are loose, temporary associations.

Gray whales can dive for up to 30 minutes and go 500 feet (155 m) deep. They can swim in even relatively shallow water without running aground.

Whale Watching Ticket Prices Range from $25 to $50 on average depending
on the boat, the length of trip, amenities etc… to get ticket prices
click San Diego / Newport Beach Whale Watching Ticket Prices
or call 1-800-632-1698.

Whale Watching Boat Tour Video below
Whale Watching Video Tour click here

Gray Whale Watching Tours – a favorite San Diego attraction and thing
to do from December through April every year!

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