Surf Dog Riccochet Featured in ESPN Article Helping Kids Surf

Surf Dog Riccochet Featured in ESPN Article Helping Kids Surf

Surf dog Riccochet has gotten to be known for not only being a
great surf dog but also a good friend in the water for
handicapped and disabled kids who love the water and like to surf.

Starting with Patrick Iveson, Surf Dog Riccochet has gotten
to develop a real following and fan base with Mom Judy keeping
the fundraising going for a multitude of charitable projects and

We have had the privelage of being able to hang out with
Riccochet during some of these times and have the
following photos and pictures of past events to share below.

Watch our Surf Dog Riccochet videos playlist for best of surfing clips click here

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0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 017-RE

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 042-RE

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 047-RE

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 055-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 056-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 057-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 072-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 074-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 075-RE

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 080-RE

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 087-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 108-resize

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 157-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 166-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 178-re

0-Quadraplegic_Surfer_Patrick_Ivison 184-reSurf Dog Riccochet Featured in ESPN Article Helping Kids Surf

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