A Photographers Tribute to Woodies and the California Dreaming Surfing Lifestyle

California Woody’s Are Iconic for a Legendary
Surfing Lifestyle Unique to Surfers and Locals

Woodies Cruising the Highway 101 / Pacific Coast Highway Run

When you think of Southern California is is hard not to
think of “Woody’s” or “Woodies” since the classic cars
get spelled both ways by car lovers and enthusiasts
who see them as the iconic symbol for surfers.

Woodie Classic Car Videos

Woodies to me showcase the beach lifestyle in a
nutshell and anytime I see them I think “California”.

As a photographer I try to take advantage of every
opportunity to photograph them and in 2007 I
created a “woodie” calendar which showcased a
different one for each month of the year.

For anyone else who is a classic car owner or just
loves woodies check out some of my favorite links
and photo shoots below.

1946 Mercury Woodie Classic Car in Oceanside California

1949 Mercury Woodie Classic Car in Oceanside California

This rare 1946 Mercury is one of my favorites – I was lucky enough
to shoot this car at Doheny State Beach – this shot is from Oceanside –

A rare and still active Buick woodie in Huntington Beach - ready to go surfing!

A rare and still active Buick woodie in Huntington Beach - ready to go surfing!

Here is another awesome woodie I photographed in Huntington Beach California.
This ride is still actively used daily by the owner and surfing is the primary
destination for this classic car.
More photos of this woodie classic below.

1946 Fleetmaster Woodie in Pacific Beach San Diego

1946 Fleetmaster Woodie in Pacific Beach San Diego

1947 Fleetmaster Woodie Pacific Beach – I have photographed this car
three seperate times each with beautiful models along the beaches
in San Diego over the last 5-6 years or so – If you like cool California
cars, beaches and hot swimsuit models then these links will be of
interest below.

Sexy swimsuit model Melany with a 1934 Woodie Hot Rod

Sexy swimsuit model Melany with a 1934 Woodie Hot Rod

Woody’s and girls seem to go hand and hand and for every photo shoot I do
I always make sure to get pics with cars and pics with girls and cars to make
sure the wives of the woodie owners are also happy –

This is one the best all time woodies ever and here are more pics
with the cool car and hot Playboy cybergirl model

I have shot hundreds of woodies along the California coast over the last 8
years either at car shows, swimsuit model photo shoots or by chasing
owners down the Highway 101 and asking to get some pics. I am a
classic car addict and love adding new cars to my photo collections.

Check out more classic cars, hot rods and woodies on my
photo gallery website at www.socalbeachmag.net for thousands
of the best car photos on the planet!

Sean Callahan

More great woodie classic car pictures in my woody
photo gallery below!

More Swimsuit Models and Woodie Photo Shoots

This is California and these are woodies!
One of my best all time woodie pics shot in Oceanside California!

Woodies in Ocedanside California cruising down the Highway 101 for the annual Wave Crest Woodie Car Show

Woodies in Ocedanside California cruising down the Highway 101 for the annual Wave Crest Woodie Car Show


See some of the best woodies in the world in the photos below

Wavecrest Woodie Car Show – The Largest Woodie Car Show in the World
– this show takes place at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas and features
the best woody’s in the world!

See some photos from past Wave Crest Car Shows below


Your Southern California beach photographer covering the best classic
car shows and events!

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