America’s Cup Races Showcase Worlds Class Boats and Racing on San Diego Bay

America’s Cup Day 1 Fleet Race Action on San Diego Bay
Showcases the Worlds Best Boat Racing Crews

2011 America’s Cup VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

Day 1 fleet racing action of the America’s Cup took place on San Diego
Bay and if this is any indication of how the remaining 4 days are going
to go it is anyones race and cup to win.

Boats push for a good start in race one of the fleet races for the America's Cup in San Diego

Boats push for a good start in race one of the fleet races for the America's Cup in San Diego

The America’s Cup did an amazing job bringing in an event that allows
spectatators to see the racing action up close. There were many occasions
where boats came within feet of hitting each other and huge gasps came
from the audience lined up along Broadway Pier and other sections of
San Diego Bay.

If you are looking for a great event to watch in San Diego over the next
4 days mark this on your calendar. Races start at 1PM and go until
about 4PM except Sunday where there finals race has an immediate
awards ceromony.

Team Oracle Boat #5 at the 2011 America's Cup in San Diego

Team Oracle Boat #5 at the 2011 America's Cup in San Diego

Energy Team on top after Day 1
Boat Racing in San Diego

Posted on 16 November 2011

Consistency was the key for the French Energy Team who won the third of three races on Wednesday afternoon to top the table at the end of the seeding races for the San Diego Match Racing Championships at the America’s Cup World Series.

New skipper Yann Guichard posted three race finishes inside the top five to end the day one point clear of Emirates Team New Zealand. ORACLE Racing Spithill, plagued by penalties and starting trouble all day, recovered strongly in each race to hold on to third place.

2011 Americas Cup Races in San Diego

2011 Americas Cup Races in San Diego

Those top three teams on today’s ranking are seeded through directly to the Semi Finals of the Match Racing Championship. The remaining six teams will be paired up to race in Thursday’s qualifying matches, competing in a knockout format to earn the fourth and final Semi Final berth.

“It’s a perfect day for us,” said an elated Guichard after racing. “I’m really happy. The team has done a fantastic job. I’m getting more comfortable each day and I can really feel the boat well now. We had some good starts and were very fast today. The small teams like us are improving each day.”

Conditions couldn’t have been better for racing on Wednesday. The winds were in the 9-13 knot range with flat water in San Diego Bay, leading to boat speeds near 20 knots. The sun was out, and it was a warm November day, allowing the sea breeze to build early and stay in force throughout the afternoon.

After the fleet races, the teams brought the show to the crowds perched on Broadway Pier for the AC 500 Speed Trials, which took place just yards from the pier. Emirates Team New Zealand, in the very first run, posted what would stand up as the quickest time down the 500-meter runway. The two ORACLE Racing entries, Spithill and Coutts were second and third respectively. Artemis Racing was in fourth place in both the seeding race standings and the Speed Trials.

2011 America's Cup Boat Racing Action from San Diego

2011 America's Cup Boat Racing Action from San Diego

“Over all it was a hard day, but it was good the way we battled as it would have been easy to go backwards,” said Artemis Racing skipper Terry Hutchinson. “It is about doing things consistently and working through the process.”

Results – San Diego Match Racing Championship (seeding fleet races)

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
Place Team Points
1. Energy Team 3 5 1 24
2. Emirates Team New   Zealand 2 3 5 23
3. ORACLE Racing –   Spithill 5 4 2 22
4. Artemis Racing 7 1 4 21
5. Team Korea 4 2 8 19
6. ORACLE Racing –   Coutts 1 8 6 18
7. Green Comm Racing 8 9 3 14
8. ALEPH 9 6 7 12
9. China Team 6 7 9 12

Results – AC 500 Speed Trials
Emirates Team New Zealand – 21.22 knots
ORACLE Racing Spithill – 21.10 knots
ORACLE Racing Coutts – 19.86 knots
Artemis Racing – 19.65 knots
Energy Team – 19.36 knots
Team Korea – 19.18 knots
China Team – 18.54 knots
ALEPH – 18.33 knots
Green Comm Racing – 17.91 knots

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