La Jolla Area Marketing Consultant Using WordPress, eMail Marketing, Iphone Apps and Social Media to Help San Diego Businesses Achieve Success

San Diego Marketing Consultant Tailors Marketing
Technology to Clients Goals and Budgets

If you have ever heard of the old “one size fits all” saying you will
know that sometimes that is true and sometimes it is not.

With business marketing strategy you must custom fit each plan
to fit the needs of the client and best maximize the return on the
investment. That is the goal with a San Diego area “company and
consulting firm of one” Sean Callahan.

Callahan is a former speaker for The Learning Annex San Diego
(Secret of Internet Search Engines, Home Based Business Marketing)
and also the owner of his own online media group of websites via
SoCal Beaches Magazine and Media Group.

According to Callahan, who has worked with thousands of businesses
over the last 10 years, the most imporatant things for businesses to
do is implement iPhone apps, mobile friendly websites, use video via
and social media along with using WordPress based websites that can capture
email addresses and build mailing lists.

“Every business has a different set of needs and goals and it is impossible
to put a single plan and solution in place without first looking at what
a client has and what they need to achieve success”.

Callahan says that for many years he ran a large office above Skechers
Shoes in Pacific Beach but in the last year has opted for working from
his beach condos and various coffee shops around La Jolla where he
meets with clients. According to Callahan
“I outsource anything I cannot do well to people who are expert in that field”.
Internet marketing is much l
ike the medical field where every doctor has a
specialty. I bring in pro’s a
s I need them and reduce my overhead, yet still
have the power of a major consulting
firm or marketing company in San Diego.”

For any La Jolla businesses looking for help with marketing an website,
building a new site or getting more exposure and implementing modern
online marketing tools call Sean Callahan for a free consultation
at 858-731-7278 or email him at

La Jolla marketing consultant providing Internet and online marketing
strategies to help clients “1. capture and 2. convert traffic into sales.
Event marketing, sports marketing, restaurant and real estate marketing,
car dealerships, medical centers, night clubs, sports bars,  attractions and
all small, medium and large sized businesses. Email marketing and marketing
lists for all sections, communities and neighborhoods in San Diego County.

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