2011 Manhattan Beach Open Chatter and Notes – From a Fan and Photographer

2011 Jose Quervo Manhattan Beach Open a Huge Success
For Fun and Great Beach Volleyball Action!

When I think of success I personally evaluate how I feel about
an event, fun, exciting, nail biting, tense, laughing etc….
and ALL were present in Manhattan Beach last weekend as
the first real big pro beach volleyball event launched in
California with over $200,000 being paid out to the winners

Since this is “news and notes and mainly JABBER” here
are a few things I was buzzing about at and after the event.

Rachel Wacholder Scott - You Rock Mom Great Job in Manhattan Beach!!!

Rachel Wacholder Scott - You Rock Mom Great Job in Manhattan Beach!!!

1. How great did smiling pregnant Mom to be Rachel Scott look?
…last weekend coaching her womens team to a victory and
being there to see her husband win a victory for the men
all while holding son Koa.

Rachel always looked great and her spirit of “not letting a
little pregnancy keep her off the beach” was certainly
infectious as her women’s team of Jenny Kropp and
Whitney Pavlic ended up winning the tournament. 

Rachel Scott and son Koa in Manhattan Beach just after Sean's win - Rachel you Rock!

Rachel Scott and son Koa in Manhattan Beach just after Sean's win - Rachel you Rock!

Dang, Rachel looked like she may have been days away
from delivering but she still sat out in the super hot
sun with no umbrella in the finals to watch and help coach
her team to a win – seeing her and getting a shot with her and
Koa after Sean’s win was was priceless – her smile was mile wide!

Chris - Dude you are the BEST and I am sorry about saying anything about "doing the worm in Hermosa"

Chris - Dude you are the BEST and I am sorry about saying anything about "doing the worm in Hermosa"

2. Chris “Geeter” McGee – Dude you rock and let’s just
say you are the BEST at ramping up an event and making it
fun and exciting.

“If you don’t think you look good you probably don’t”, “go get a hair
cut at the Paul Mitchel booth”, like most of the poetic comedy
took me the normal 5 seconds to get but once
I did I laughed on that line alone for a good 10 minutes.

An Apology t0 Chris “Geeter” McGee

Since this blog only gets about 20 hits per week (18 per week
but who is counting:-) the chance of anyone reading it is slim
but at least I can get this off my chest and say

Chris “Geeter” McGee  you don’t have to do the worm in
Hermosa Beach next month“,

the video clip with you saying “yes to the worm in Hermosa”
to a jeering crowd was mysteriously pulled from the file

When the crowd started chanting “the worm” to Chris he ran
over and said that he had just thrown out a muscle and did
something to his neck and that if his wife saw him even
“think about doing the worm” he would be a dead man.
(not to mention the pain he would personally be in…OUCH!) 

Of course most of the crowd did not hear that and kept
pushing so we said “How about Hermosa Beach” and
Chris looked back and screamed “YES”, which drew a cheer
from the crowd as the adreniline started going for the
start of the mens final match.

Now the part that drew the apology is the look of
pain in his eyes and the “Please don’t make me
go there and say “yes” look in the video footage when
I went back in and looked at it. Even though Chris
said “yes”, the look in his eyes was that of “pain“,
which prompted me to “hide” the “yes to the worm
in Hermosa Beach” footage

Chris you are the man and we need you healthy
with a happy wife so do not worry all that video
footage is GONE!

I have to admit though dude you do, or did rock
out one bad “worm” in the day!

I had to pull out some old YouTube..com Worm File Footage (below)

3. There were a bunch of players not there for various
reasons and I hope they figure out whatever they
need to for Olympic qualifiers or whatever kept many
of the players out of the event.

Phil “the Beast” – sir get healthy and know that there is a
small beasty tribe of up and comers that will provide some
great challenges for you in the future and keep this game rocking
on. Brad Keenan, Sean Scott and Matt Prosser would have to share
a three way split for “beasts at the net” last weeked with all playing
well in the trenches. Sean Scott however winning the event did
block and send over the “most cheese”. (“cheese” aka as a term for sending
over a 100 MPH shot across the net credits Chris “Geeter” McGee)   

I do have to say that Casey Jennings – dude you are one
of the funnest plyers to watch and seeing you and Matt
win a couple times in San Diego were great times..I hope
to see you guys again soon!

I hope all is going good with all the players on the European
Tour and hopefully in the months and years to come we
will have things back on a more even kiel.

Hans Stolfus has a great blog article about an event the AVP
is throwing in Huntington Beach in October.

In the blog article he goes into detail about some of the challenges
he is facing along with some of the solutions – Great job Hans
you are doing a great job moving forward and I am confident
that you are more than qualified to get everything back on
a roll. – – Dude I would attend an AVP picnic at the beach without
the volleyball so the fact you have an event planned with 4 teams
in Huntington Beach is super cool with me and  a great start to show
sponsors and advertisers that players are willing to rally around and
support your efforts and begin building for 2012.

4. Thank you Jose Cuervo, Paul Mitchel and ALL the sponsors
volunteers and media staff from MKM – which did an awesome
job running and organizing the media staff and arranging
for interviews and work space.

(For anyone looking for putting on an event I would highly
recommend them as a highly organized outfit that also
coordinates and runs highly effective branding and media
campaigns -contact  Crystal.Yang@heycrystal.com)

5. THANK YOU John Hyden and Sean Scott – not only
a congrats but a big thank you for some of the awesome shots
you allowed me to get after winning. With such a
mob of media it is always nice to have shots with these
guys looking in the camera and giving you the 5 seconds
you need to click a few frames and make sure you don’t
have a “blinking” pic.

Since John Hyden is an SDSU guy and I am based in Mission Beach
I was super happy to see a “local” take part in the winning of the event.

John I had a super cool video clip with you looking in and saying
“We Did It” man that was cool and was a great clip to throw into
the event video.

6. Maggie Crow (Matt Prossers Mom) I Love You!!!!!

Okay anyone who has been on the AVP Tour or any
past event tours knows that there have been some good
cheering sections in the AVP History including
“Rosy’s Raiders” for Sean Rosenthal and I remember
Hans Stolfus and Aaron Wachfogel being carried off by the “Peanut
Butter and Jelly” rally crew after beating Phil and Todd – they came
back and won and were promptly smothered in peanut butter and jelly”
by cheering fans and carried off….(see photo below)

Hans Stolfus carried off "Peanut Butter and Jelly Style" in Hermosa 2007!

Hans Stolfus carried off "Peanut Butter and Jelly Style" in Hermosa 2007!

and more recently there was Brad Keenan and his mobile band of players who would play and perform and play high school band styled music. Many locals also have some small bands of fans and well wishers but few have organized in the last
year or so.

AVP Hermosa Beach 2007 - the Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheering section all with official T- shirts

AVP Hermosa Beach 2007 - the Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheering section all with official T- shirts

None of these “cheering sections” can compare to the ultimate
cheering force of miss Maggie Crow who I just love and have
had the pleasure of sitting next to on many of Matt’s games
with partner “The Real John Mayer” (name credits “Chris
Geeter McGee”).

Miss Crow is one of the most fun and intense cheering one woman
cheering sections on the planet and perhaps one of the funnest and loudest
to have ever come onto the court of beach volleyball! Her spirit is completely contagious and she brings out the best in Matt and those around him.

You have never seen more people laughing and a get things
going at a game than when proud Mom Maggie is cheering
her son. Who Doesn’t love hearing the trash talking going
back and forth between cheering sections?

I LOVE IT and I am telling you right now that Maggie Crow
can hang and probably out banter ANY pro beach cheering
group out there!

My interview with her and finding out this woman flies
out from Texas to see her son was one of the highlights for me! 

Just like any Mom behind the loud and sometimes abbrasive
cheering on the sidelines is the warmest and friendliest smile
you have ever seen. Just talking about Matt lights her up
like a lighthouse and it is evident that this Mom (like all Moms)
really loves this little boy who is at least 6′ 5″ and well out of diapers
preparing to get married in the near future.

Matt is an awesome athlete and a real gentlemen and his Mom
and the whole beach volleyball community is one big family.

As a photographer we capture and share many moments with these
athletes and their families that are moments they and us as
photographers will share forever. Even though I know very
few people on the tour personally I still feel this sort of bond with them
after capturing so many photos of the ups and downs the tour produces
and also capturing them behind the scenes with family etc…It is a cool
and special feeling coming out to the beach in the morning and seeing
the game schedules and capturing all those moments courtside.

I really love pro beach volleyball and I did miss all the players who
were not able to make it and I hope they can get it all figured out
because life is too short to have to miss even one extra day or event
at the beach with the people who love the sport and appreciate the
hard work, committment and skill that these athletes possess.

This event had the drama, the long drawn out volleys, the digs,
the laughs, the fun, the beach, the ocean breeze, the super hot
Cuervo Beach Girls, Chris “Geeter” McGee, Manhattan Pizzeria
, first time winners, Maggie Crow (Matt Prossers  Mom who
I absolutely love), a well organized media center, a super fun set
of vendors with booths including rock climbing, bull riding and
plenty of free t-shirts and kid volunteers running to get players
to sign their shirts and memorabelia…..I love it all…….

My summer officially started last weekend and I am so happy
I was able to capture and share the moment with everyone there
and who I saw this weekend!

See you at the beach!


Sean Scott with son Koa after winning the 2011 Jose Quervo Manhattan Beach Open

Sean Scott with son Koa after winning the 2011 Jose Quervo Manhattan Beach Open

* Hey Sean Scott – Dude I am back on the ab board after
seeing you last weekend – when you come up with that
“AB Workout video” let me know and I will be the first
customer! –

* Please excuse the typos, mis prints etc…I hope you get
the gist of what I was saying with the words that were
spelled correctly – 

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