Ocean Beach Resident Sounding Off About SDGE “Smart Meters”

Ocean Beach Resident Continues to Push for
“Smart Meter” Emimination for SDGE Customers

Jim Bell of Ocean Beach has been an outspoken critic of the new “Smart Meters” being installed by power and electricity providers around the country. A few months ago he sent out a press release alerting beach and San Diego area residents about possible dangers and side effects from the meters being installed.

In the latest move Mr. Bell is beginning to get momentum to have San Diego residents remove “Smart Meters” from their residence. Here is Jim’s latest newsletter article.

Hi All,

There is now a smart meter opt-out group in SDG&E’s service area. You can contact Barbara by the email or the phone # below the links. The links are for Southern California Edison (SCE) but if you’re utility company is SDG&E, you can steal find out what is happening in SEC service area. 

Links to Opt-out and Complaint Forms for SCE Customers to Use

From: Barbara Schnier
mailto: barb.socalwiredsolutionsm@gmail.com
Phone: 1-760-519-2196 

Here’s what I’m sending by snail mail to all 5 of the CPUC Commissioners. If you want to have a positive impact on eliminating Smart Meters, use my letter to compose your own and mail it or email it to the CPUC

Dear CPUC President Peevey: 

The purpose of this letter is to file a formal complaint with the CPUC on health and privacy grounds opposing the installation of Smart Meters on my home and in all California utility service areas. Furthermore, I’m refusing to let my electricity and natural gas provider (SDG&E) install “Smart Meters” on my house or property. I have 2 electricity meters and 1 natural gas meter so I’d get three.

My understanding from talking with several CPUC people by telephone, is that the CPUC has directed PG&E to work out an opt-out program so that California residents like me can protect themselves, their families and communities from an ever increasing amount of “electro smog” that smart meters contribute too, literally close up and personal. 

Please sign me up as soon as this opt-out program is available.

Here’s why I don’t want Smart Meters on my house

A few months ago, I was vaguely aware of the many electrical, microwave, magnetic, waves, frequencies and fields with which that the average urban resident is inundated. I knew that there were health issues related to cell phones and cell towers and I didn’t purchase a cell phone. When I found out that wi-fi computer hook ups create similar health effects, I hooked my computers up by cables. 

My only thought about SDG&E’s Smart Meter program was to admire their PR sophistication which allowed them to get people in their service area to peacefully submit to a program that they were told might save them money, if they used electricity when it was convenient for the utility company. But, if they used electricity when it is not utility convenient, it would cost them more. 

Later I began receiving emails from Northern California about ratepayers fighting Smart Meter installations and trying to get them removed if they had already been installed.

Mostly cited are health and health protection reasons. This given, I decided to look into it. 

What I came to through my research is that installing Smart Meters, (I’d have 3) on one’s house or building is like screwing small cell towers on it. I found a lot of information by typing “Smart Meter Health Problems” into my search engine. A lot of the information is on cell towers and cell phones but it also showed that Smart Meters emit their own fields, waves and frequencies close to 200 feet and produce especially strong emissions zero to 16 feet. 

I found a convincing and detailed video on the subject by searching the “Dark Side of Smart Meters.” This excellent video presentation was part of a conference sponsored by the Tesla Institute in San Francisco. The conference focused on the various knowns and unknowns of how Smart Meters and related technologies affect human health. I recommend that you check it out.

So there we have it. I know that a Smart Grid is federally mandated, but my understanding is that wireless meters where not mandated. My suggestion is that in the future the CPUC follow the Precautionary Principle of first “Do no harm.” This can be accomplished by making corporations and businesses prove to independent experts that the product/process/strategy they are asking the CPUC to sanction is health safe and consistent with life-support sustainability. 

Jim Bell, 619-758-9020, www.jimbell,com

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