2011 Over the Line Tournament Hits Fiesta Island Mission Bay July 9 | 10 & 16 | 17

2011 OMBAC “OTL” Over the The Line Tournament Brings Out
50,000 Athletes and Partiers for Annual Mission Bay Charity Fundraiser

2011 OTL Over the Line Video Including Best of Clips and Pics

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The biggest beach party in San Diego is the Over the Line Tourment where
over 50,000 people crowd onto Fiesta Island to play and party at San Diego’s
biggest beach charity event.

The event showcases a softball like game played on a rectangular field and
includes some of the most colorful names, costumes and outfits. In the words
of a local Mission Beach resident it is “Mardi Gras at the beach”.

The event now close to its 60th year sells beer, food and entry fees to raise
money for local charities on and along the beach areas including helping
sponsor beach wheelchairs for the City of San Diego’s free beach wheelchair
rental program.

WHO: Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC)

WHAT: 58th Annual World Championship Over-The-Line (OTL) Tournament, July 2011. A form of softball, limited to 1,200 teams of three persons each, playing almost 2,400 games in two weekends with close to 50,000 expected to attend.

WHEN: Saturday, July 9th, Sunday, July 10th, Saturday, July 16th, and
Sunday, July 17th. Play is from 7:30 a.m. to dusk.

WHERE: Fiesta Island on Mission Bay, San Diego, CA –
For directions, click here

WHY: OTL serves as the primary fundraising source for OMBAC‘s year-round
charitable programs. OTL is more than “beer, babes and bats on the beach.”
with worldwide competition, OTL began as a San Diego original, played by
men and women into their 80’s. It is one of the last pure Southern California
traditions left untouched by commercialism. OMBAC is continuing to enjoy the
respect and admiration of the community. Focused on serving amateur sports and
youth athletics, OMBAC enjoys unmatched leadership. If not for the dedication of
its members and the unselfish gift of their time, OMBAC would no longer exist.
Any profits from OTL goes back into our community.

NOTE: Admission is free, but guests are asked to observe OTL’s “Five B Rules.”

No Bottles, Babies, Bowser’s (dogs), Birds, Battles (Fights) or Boa’s (Constrictors).

Bicycle use is limited as well. Please look for the designated bicycle parking areas
to lock your bike up. Bikes are not permitted on the sand near the playing court areas.
They can be a “health hazard” for the players and spectators.

Please Drink Responsibly. Please consume alcohol only in the Permit Zone Areas.

Questions: email the OTL Committee at otl@ombac.org

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Visit the official website of the 2011 “OTL” Over the Line Tournament
click http://www.ombac.org/over_the_line/index.html

2010 Over the Line Tournament Fiesta Island San Diego

2010 Over the Line Tournament Fiesta Island San Diego

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