2011 OMBAC Coming Out Party May 14 Features 13 Bands and Live Music on Mission bay

2011 OMBAC COMING OUT PARTY May 14 Showcases
Great Bands, Live Music, Dancing and Food on Mission Bay

San Diego’s best beach Spring party is set for May 14 2011 and the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club ramps things up for the 2011 Coming Out Party at Mariners Point in Mission Bay. The event showcases 13 bands, a swimsuit model contest pageant, great food and a ton of partiers who will help raise money for local San Diego area charities.

Event Details Include:

Ticket Price: $20.00 at the Gate
(cheaper if bought online or before event
see website link below)

Here’s What OMBAC Guarantees!

1. The War Hero we honor will be at the party and he will enjoy himself even after 50+ years of having fun.
2. We will have 10 ticket sellers in front of the gate. No waiting.
3. You will be served real beer – not “ballpark” beer.
4. We will have more Porta-Potties than you wish to count. No waiting.
5. We will have dynamite bands.
6. You will get your monies worth from each of them.
7. You will get food cooked right at the party. No premix junk.
8. The “Fresh Corn” comes directly from Imperial Valley.
9. The shrimp in the Shrimp Cocktail is straight from the Gulf courtesy of British Petroleum.
10. YOU will have fun!!!

“Summer Music Fest”

To Learn More About Sponsors, Bands or Favorite Bars & Restaurants
visit http://www.ombac.org/cop/index.html

Thirteen “Beach Approved” Summer Bands – including:
Authority Zero, Natives of a New Dawn, Split Finger
BoomSnap, Full Blown Stone, Jet West, Tommy Price and
The Stilettos + The Miss Mission Beach Beauty Pageant

To get more information on the 2011 OMBAC Coming Out Party
visit the official website at:



In the Late 1940’s a group of pals hung around Old Mission Beach in San Diego. Old Mission beach is between Mission and Pacific Beach near Queensland Ct. That area was popular because it was near the trolley stop where the kids from East San Diego got off to go to the beach. It was here at Old Mission Beach volleyball and gymnastic rings were the sports of choice. Tournaments were held and friendships made between the beach rats of La Jolla High and the kids from Hoover high. In those days San Diego only had a few high schools. These friendships would stand the test of time.

As time went on, the guys grew up and Uncle Sam came a calling. Many of the group of were sent off in the service of their country to fight the war in Korea. 

In the summer of 1951 one of the guys, Delmar Miller, was separated from his unit on night patrol. He and a buddy found themselves behind enemy lines as the sun came up. Soon they were surrounded by Chinese solders. The plan was to execute them both on the spot. Delmar’s buddy was shot to death right in front of him. The gun was then pointed to Delmar’s head. The gun jammed. By an amazing stroke of luck Delmar was taken to POW camp, He would be their “guest” for 23 months. Imagine the worst and that is what Delmar endured. 

Meanwhile back at the beach……………Word was out that Delmar was alive and in Korean POW camp # 5. By this time the Mike and Terry Curren  had rented a house at Old Mission Beach. It was the local hang out for all the beach rats who had returned from the war. On the mantel was a large old whiskey decanter. The boys made a pact to dump all the change in their pockets into the decanter at the end of each and every day and save the money for Delmar’s eventual return.

On July 27 1953 the Korean War ended.  Delmar was processed and released in August and sent home in September 28 pounds lighter then when he was captured but very much alive. He arrived home to huge local fanfare. This was front page news in sleepy San Diego. His pals at the beach presented him the whisky decanter filled with hundreds of dollars in change to help him get back on his feet. Delmar, the most unselfish man  ever, declared “let’s have a party” Word spread. Kegs were purchased. Local musicians flocked to donate their skills and in the  latter part of September the party to celebrate Delmar’s coming out of prison was on.

As the years flew past the party continued and has been held most every year since 1953. It has always been referred to as the “Coming Out Party” and always will. 

            In the following year – 1954 – to better organize their amateur sporting events in Southern California, the corporation known as the “Old Mission Beach Athletic Club was formed and now in 2010 Delmar will be named the “San Diego Man of the Year” by the Irish Congress to preside over the annual St. Patty’s Day parade on March 13th.

            Delmar says those two years weren’t that great, but the last 57 have been dynamite.  Have fun!

 For more information on OMBAC, The 2011 Coming Out Pary, Miss Mission Beach Contest or 2011 OTL Contest visit www.ombac.org


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