“PB Reality” TV Show Begins Airing Behind the Scenes Videos

Pacific Beach “PB” Reality Millionaire Showcases
his Life in New PB Reality TV show clips

PB Millionaire Jim Lawlor with 2 of his model friends

San Diego entrepreneur Jim Lawlor leads a very gifted
life. As the owner of very successful business he has
been able to do things in his life that the average person
could never afford. This includes a very high end social
life and also throwing and attending parties were money
is not an issue.

About a year ago Lawlor took the advice of friends who
told him that he led a life that many people would be
interested watching and included in.

Since it was physically impossible for large masses of
people to hang out with him personally Lawlor decided
that the next best idea would be to launch a TV show
that would showcase his lifestyle and make it accessible
to the public. Thus the TV show “PB Reality” was formed
and created.

The TV show “PB Reality” brings viewers into the day-to-day
life of Pacific beach millionaire Jim Lawlor and his group of
four beautiful Angels who help them plan his social events
and also help him run his business.

The Pacific Beach "Castle" home of the PB Reality tv show

The Pacific Beach

The show takes place at Lawlor’s “Pacific Beach Castle”, which
is a home that looks just like a Castle and overlooks the Pacific Ocean
in one of San Diego’s most popular beach communities.

In addition many of the events that Lawlor and his Angels attend
our and some of the most popular nightclubs and social hangouts
in San Diego. The life that Lawlor lives is one that many would envy
and us he has gotten great feedback from a large growing base of
Internet fans who now visit his website on a regular basis to see updated
pictures of and now also behind the scenes video footage as well.

Many of the outings that Lawlor and his Angels attend include large
numbers of beautiful women at parties and local events. Lawlor is
preparing to start letting some of his online fan base attend the parties
much like fans of Hugh Heffner are sometimes able to get to the Playboy

The "PB Millionaire and Angels"


The PB Reality TV show not only showcases Lawlor’s unique bachelor
lifestyle but also his desire to go out in the community and help those
who are less fortunate. Some of the behind-the-scenes clips
include Lawlor and the Angels handing out care packages to the
homeless in addition to helping families during the holidays.

For PB millionaire Jim Lawlor his day-to-day life is that which
many people would dream of living and thus he is building a
growing base of fans who are hoping to one day attend one of
his very posh events.

Until then Lawlor keeps on running his business and working
with the Angels to develop ways of using his social status and
events to help raise money for the homeless in the San Diego area.

For more information on Pacific Beach millionaire Jim Lawlor and
the PB reality TV show visit www.PBReality.com

Watch the PB Reality video clips at:

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