SoCal Beaches Magazine Launches New Classic Car TV Channel


A classic woodie hot rod featured on Classic Cars TV

A classic woodie hot rod featured on Classic Cars TV

San Diego and Southern California is known to be the home of some of the worlds best beaches, boardwalks, surfing, swimsuit models and classic cars and hot rods.

SoCal Beaches Magazine, based out of San Diego covers the Southern California beach lifestyle and has just launched a new online television channel called “Classic Cars TV”.

The new online channel includes some of the best classic cars and car shows in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles videotaped along California beaches and coastline.

SoCal Beaches Magazine attends the best car shows along the Southern California coast and also sets up photo shoots with the most popular classic cars along the beaches of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

“We are very lucky to be able to showcase some of the best classic cars in the world on our new online tv channel. For classic car lovers this will be a popular place on the Internet to see popular and rare classics”, said SoCal Beaches Magazine spokeperson Mark Fitzgerald.

“Classic Cars TV is a natural progression for us since we have a large inventory or classic car videos and content and with a bigger year planned for 2010, it is time to grow out our media base.

“We just went over a million views on and were looking for additional ways to distribute our content and the Classic Car TV is great avenue to expand our viewership to our photos, articles and videos.” Fitzgerald continued.

The SoCal Beaches Magazine and Classic Cars TV videos include all of the top autos and vehicles from car shows including models from Ford, Chevrolet, Packard, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac and Hudson to name a few. In addition to classic cars the channel also showcases some rare and tricked out hot rods. There is also a large selection of rare woodies and hot rods from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

The classic cars featured on “Classic Cars TV” are top of the line and the interviews with the car owners provide insight to the work and unique features of each auto.

SoCal Beaches Magazine features over 100 of the best classic cars and hot rods on their website and also showcase high performance cars, muscle cars and vintage cars as well. In addition to the classic car videos there are also thousands of car photos and also swimsuit models, which according to Fitzgerald go with the California lifestyle.

“We are re-creating a Southern California beach lifestyle from the 1950’s and showcase the cars on the beaches with local swimsuit models for many of our photo shoots”, Fitgerald continued.

“We will be starting to showcase a wider range of cars to our viewing audience and the classic car tv shannel is a great way for us to get started”, Fitzgerald concluded.

For more information on Classic Car TV visit the Classic Car TV webpages at:

Visit the SoCal Beaches Magazine website for a live feed and thousands
of classic car photos at
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A 1953 Packard in Mission Beach
A 1953 Packard in Mission Beach

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