Free Hugs in Mission Beach Showcase Moments of Greatness

A group dedicated to making the world a better
place visits Mission Beach to pass out free hugs

Moments of passing out hugs in Mission Beach

Moments of passing out hugs in Mission Beach

It is not often you see people passing out “free hugs” on the beach so when I was cruising down the
boardwalk and saw a group of people with big smiles and signs saying “free hugs” I was curious to
say the least.

Moments  of Greatness ( is a group that is committed tomaking the world the better place and one of the ways they are doing that is by getting people to focus on special moments in their lives where they have done great things.

Everyone has had moments in their life where they have done something special and by focusing on that and by trying to get people to focus on creating new moments of greatness is the goal of this organization.

Free hugs being passed out in Mission Beach

Free hugs being passed out in Mission Beach

The Moments of Greatness Group has the following information about their mission on their Facebook webpage:

“Be a Winner Amongst Winners:
Celebrate Your Moments of Greatness With the World

We all strive to be better human beings. How many of you have heard the saying: “If we are not growing we are dying”. Many of you may have been involved with service organizations. Doesn’t it feel great to give to others in need? You know how there are times when we feel that we have given enough and that we can’t give anymore, it would be nice to have encouragement from your friends, wouldn’t it? Doesn’t it feel lonely at times when no one acknowledges you? What may be even worse is if your friends and family may not understand and support your mission.

But, we understand.

We have immersed ourselves into studying great, powerful leaders from the past and modeled ourselves after them to be great leaders of today and tomorrow. These giants changed the course of history as we know it, the thoughts we think, the options we have, and the actions open to us. It is true that what we focus on expands.

In our pursue to be excellent, to be extraordinary, and to be great leaders, we had an epiphany–by celebrating our moments of greatness, we are one step closer to the greatness we aspire.

Project Moment of Greatness was born.

Moments of Greatness is a all about synergy, momentum and fun. We change the world with seemingly small actions. We acknowledge one another. We choose love. We choose freedom of the heart. We choose physical health, emotional health, and financial health – abundance and prosperity on all levels. Our diversity defines us as individuals and we choose to stand united as a group.

We are one. Let’s celebrate that.

Fears is your greatest opportunity for growth.

Fear plus courage and action will no longer hold us back.

We represent the rising-sun, sheer life force and open ourselves up to a new world: a world that embodies unity, love, and celebration.

Those are our moments of greatness. Collectively.

What have you celebrated lately?

What are you celebrating today?

We want to know and connect with you.

Perhaps you witness the birth of your children. Or an amazingly beautiful pastel sunset. Or the breeze on your skin. Or hanging out with your friends. Or your lover’s touch. Or a wonderful conversation. or a song that resonates or… or … or…

You decide.

Then tell us and the world.

We just may touch each other’s heart and lives. Or, touch another who is in need at the moment’s time. Today!

What’s holding you back?

Love this life and share YOUR moment of greatness with us.

Oh, we must–absolutely–must mention your contribution counts and support many many others around the globe who deserve to be lifted.

We fund project such as building school, providing medical supplies, feeding the hungry and the like throughout the world.

And we cant’ do it without you, your greatness, your love, your support, your incredible energy. Everyone and everything counts.

Raising consciousness of our greatness brings us together.”

Members of the Moments of Greatness Group hanging out in Mission Beach

Members of the Moments of Greatness Group hanging out in Mission Beach

Hugs, smiles and a lot of compassion!

Hugs, smiles and a lot of compassion!

Why stop with one hug when you can get two!

Why stop with one hug when you can get two!

If you are looking to connect with other people around the world who care about people
and making the world a better place to live join the “Moments of Greatness”
Facebook page at

Visit the Moments of Greatness website at

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