Santa Monica – A Great California Beach and Coastal Community

Santa Monica California – A Great Beach Town to Visit in the
Southern California and Los Angeles Area

The beaches of Santa Monica - some of the best in California!

The beaches of Santa Monica - some of the best in California!

There are a lot of great beach and coastal communities to visit in Southern California, but few if any can bring the amount of fun and things to do that Santa Monica  offers.

Santa Monica is located west of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and  just 8 miles north of the Los Angeles airport.

The entrance to the Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica has so much to offer it is hard to say where to begin.

Santa Monica is the home of the original muscle beach and also home
to a large amount of beach workout equipment including climbing ropes, pull up bars,
swingsets and miles of great boardwalks and beaches.

The original Muscle Beach started in Santa Monica

The original Muscle Beach started in Santa Monica

It is common to walk down to the original muscle beach section of Santa Monica and
seeing groups of people working out, doing martial arts and also playing chess at
the chess park that sits just south of the pier.

Santa Monica is a somewhat upscale beach community with some very high end hotels like
Shutters Hotel on the Beach and also the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel sitting right along the
boardwalk areas.

The amusement park on the Santa Monica pier

The amusement park on the Santa Monica pier

In addition Santa Monica is home to one of the oldest piers in California and the only
one which includes an amusement park, arcade games, restaurants and a merry-go-round.

While originally built to satisfy the City’s sanitation needs, the Pier quickly became a magnet
for the fishing community and fueled the imagination of many local entrepreneurs.

Within just a few years, plans were put forth to build an amusement pier adjacent to the Municipal Pier.
Famous carousel manufacturer Charles I.D. Looff arrived in February 1916, purchasing the land immediately south of the Municipal Pier for development.

Looff provided Santa Monica’s north beach with its first successful amusements,
including the Blue Streak Racer roller coaster. The Hippodrome housed the Pier’s Carousel,
and the building still stands today with the distinction of being Santa Monica’s first National Historic Landmark.

In 1918 Looff passed away, and his family continued to run the pier until 1923,
when they sold it to the Santa Monica Amusement Company, a group of local businessmen intent on expanding the famed amusement man’s dream. Their plans included expanding the Pier’s thrill rides,
beginning with the removal and replacement of the Blue Streak Racer with a larger, faster coaster
– the Whirlwind Dipper – in 1924. They also added one of the richest chapters in the Pier’s history
– the La Monica Ballroom.

Vast and ornate, the ballroom consumed so much of the Pier that, when viewed from the beach,
it appeared as a monumental building floating magically above the sea. In 1948, famed country
swing music star Spade Cooley televised his weekly TV program from this ballroom;
it was the first time that a musical TV show was ever televised live.

In addition to a great pier, great boardwalks and great beaches there is also great shopping.

Santa Monica is comprised of eight distinct districts, each featuring its own character and lifestyle options and a unique group of shooping including some great one-of-a-kind boutiques and also great national chains including some of the most cutting edge and trendy clothing stores.

Urban Outfitters Store in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is also the home of the Third Street Promenade, a major outdoor pedestrian-oriented
shopping district that stretches for three blocks between Wilshire Blvd. and Broadway
(not the same Broadway in downtown and south Los Angeles).
Third Street has been closed for those three blocks and converted to a pedestrians-only
stretch to allow people to congregate, shop and enjoy street performers.

The Santa Monica area includes some great restaurants to go with the great oceanfront and beachfront hotels so finding a place for happy hour, a drink or dinner is easy and fun with a very wide selection of choices.

The Loews Santa Monica Beach Resort on the beach (800) 679-7707

The Loews Santa Monica Beach Resort on the beach (800) 679-7707

To find a complete list of Santa Monica beachfront hotels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, motels
and budget hotels and lodging click Santa Monica hotels master list.

All hotels featured on this list offer discounts from anywhere from 30% to 50% off the retail hotel room rates and reservations can be made online or by calling 1-800-679-7707.
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No matter where you go or how long you stay in Santa Monica you are guaranteed to have a great experience and put this great Southern California beach community on your list of places you will want to visit and come back to again.

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The Santa Monica boardwalk area

The Santa Monica boardwalk area

Santa Monica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California

Santa Monica beaches - the home of Baywatch and great vacations!

Santa Monica beaches - the home of Baywatch and great vacations!

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