Ocean Beach Party Dec. 6 for Life-Support Sustaining Future

Ocean Beach Party to Help Raise Money
For Life-Support Sustaining Future Videos

This is a birthday party and an awareness party on how we as
human beings can help create a sustainable future and reverse
our current conditions. All done with great apple juice and micro brew
beers and of course Ocean Beach entreprenuer and philosopher Jim Bell.

Where:4862 Voltaire St., in Ocean Beach.
When: SAT.,  12/6/ /08 – 8:00 PM to 1 AM

Jim Bell also has had a huge hand in the success of the Ocean Beach Coop Grocery store and other projects over the past 20+ years.

Now it’s time to celebrate Jim’s birthday with a great party and fundraiser. Wether you know Jim or not makes little difference…come enjoy this event and raise money for a great video project!

It’s a Party and you are invited to a

Sustainability Projects Fundraiser &

Jim Bell Birthday Party

Dance to the Rhythms of



These Bands are Great and Great Fun

 Where: My home, 4862 Voltaire St., in Ocean Beach.

When: SAT.,  12/6/ /08 – 8:00 PM to 1 AM

Admission: Suggested Minimum Donation – $5

 Out of work or luck? Call for a Party Internship,  (619) 758-9020

 Micro-brew beer, Ice Cold Organic Apple Juice,

AND Culinary treats by Chef Brad Wolff.

 Money raised at this event will be used to publicize two new videos about creating a life-support sustaining future. One video is already available on my web sites at www.jimbell.com, click on Jim’s Video. The second will be available shortly.


Commentary: What is it all about? What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? What is our purpose? I believe that it is about consciousness.

 Whether set in motion by God or providence, we are part of an experiment to see if energy and matter coming together through natural attractions can create beings conscious enough to survive their own cleverness. From one perspective, there is even an element of suspense to it. Will enough of us, the living generations of today and those being born into it, become conscious enough and wise enough soon enough to change the increasingly hurtful world in which we find ourselves trapped in — into a world where most everyone wins and no one really loses; a world that benefits everyone and that protects the beauty, majesty and productive potential of the only life-support system we have?

 If enough of us commit ourselves to work for such change in ourselves and in the world, there is no limit to what we may accomplish.

NO PRESENTS PLEASE! Your presence is my present.

See you at the party, Jim

This is one party you do not want to miss!

Contact Jim Bell at jimbellelsi@cox.net

Come help support videos which promote life support for the enviroment

Come help support videos which promote life support for the enviroment

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