Ja Jolla Christmas Parade Dec. 7th 2008

2008 La Jolla Christmas Parade Poster

2008 La Jolla Christmas Parade Poster

2008 La Jolla Christmas Parade & Festival
“History On Parade”
December 7th starting at 2:00PM
Where: Girard Avenue to Prospect Street to Draper Avenue

The 2008 La Jolla Christmas Parade is lining up to be one of the best ever and in addition to seeing some great parade floats and entertainment there will also be some of the best classic cars in Southern California.

The parade committe still needs pre-1970 convertibles for parade guests
contact Lance at lancep@pelky.com if you have a car you can enter.

To enter a float in the parade, to volunteer or more information
on the event click http://ljparade.com/wp/

Here is more information on the 2008 La Jolla Christmas Parade and Festival provided by the La Jolla Town Council.
The La Jolla Town Council Christmas Parade & Holiday Festival 2008

Theme: History on Parade

Date: December 7th, 2008

Time: 2pm

Where: Girard Avenue to Prospect Street to Draper Avenue


1. Grand Marshall: Ellen Revelle

2. Military Marshall: Carl Dustin

3. Education: Bishops School Headmaster Michael Teitelman

4. Civic: Robert Collins

5. Goodwill- Mary Coakley & Louis Guassac

Legends of La Jolla:

1. The Athenaeum represented by Erika Torri

2. La Jolla Music Society represented by Christopher Beach

3. La Jolla Historical Society represented by Roger Craig

4. Dodo Cheyne

5. Mike Hynson

Parade Chair: George Dewhurst of GDC Construction

Festival Chair: Pancho Dewhurst of GDC Construction

La Jolla Town Council President: Darcy Ashley

On the first Sunday of December, the La Jolla Christmas Parade lures locals out of the hills and from the beaches to sit on the cement sidewalks of the village to watch a spectacular, homespun tradition unfold. Recognizing the importance of history in our area this year’s theme for the parade is “History on Parade”. In the selection of its parade marshals the committee emphasizes values and service, by honoring citizens of achievement. In addition to the parade marshals, “Legends of La Jolla” are local citizens from our community who play an important role in local longstanding organizations or have made unique contributions to the fabric of our community. Another 1200 people, from all over San Diego, will participate in the form of marching bands, ROTC units, drill teams, dancers, scout troops, float builders, equestrians, car aficionados, politicos, promoters, and pranksters.

The goal of the parade and festival is to celebrate a tradition and assist the community’s participation, particularly of its youth (for whom this may be an initial venture in civic service), without jeopardizing the financial health of the La Jolla Town Council. Every year the Cub Scouts of La Jolla carry the parade banners down Girard Avenue. La Jolla High School and Bishops’ encourage enthusiastic students who are interested in giving public service.

The committee coordinates with Rotary, Kiwanis, Toastmasters, La Jolla Park and Recreation, Inc., Friends of County Animal Shelters, in continuing the local holiday traditions of those organizations. See Schedule of Events for December 7th, 2008 (www.ljparade.com). Such community efforts help the committee to organize and staff the parade. To acquire the safety infrastructure needed to obtain a permit for this special event, La Jolla Town Council Foundation depends on business sponsorships and local donations from its members.

With a tradition of 51 years behind it, the Christmas Parade has a momentum that gathers the enthusiasm of the holiday and combines it with competitive instinct. The Parade Judges (usually former officers of the Town Council) award prizes for building floats to encourage the efforts of that labor intensive activity. Almost every elementary school in La Jolla has plans on the drawing board to build a float. The Town Council also provides a stipend to any of the marching bands that enter to acknowledge the contribution they make to the parade.

Before the parade the hectic mustering of the different units along Herschel and Kline Streets – begins at 10:30 am and requires that many of our village streets are closed on parade day. The combination of activity and inconvenience tests the patience of all. Volunteers learn the logistics of safety and cleanliness; they practice tact and diplomacy. Lessons are learned. Friendships are formed. Over the last 51 years the consensus in the village has been “Its one day a year” and “The Parade is worth it”.

After the Parade ends there will be a Holiday Festival with family oriented music, caroling, entertainment and fun at the La Jolla Recreation Center. There will be photos with Santa, children’s games and light refreshments. The Recreation Center is located at 615 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037.

The grand finale of the day will be a Christmas Tree Lighting. Sunrise Rotary decorates the large pine tree on the corner of Prospect & Draper each year for the enjoyment of the community.

December 7th will be a fun day for all. Contributions of all kinds – volunteers, services, money, and equipment – are essential and welcome! Parade Sponsors and donations of all kinds are needed to help support the Parade. More information and forms are available online at www.ljparade.com. Questions may be directed to info@ljparade.com or 858.454.1444.

Please join us for the celebration on Sunday, December 7th, 2008. The holidays may provide us with inspiration but it is many people working together that sustain the tradition of the La Jolla Festival and Parade.

For more information visit http://ljparade.com/wp/ 

Girard Ave La Jolla

Girard Ave La Jolla

La Jolla Town Council Christmas Parade & Holiday Festival 2008

Theme: History on Parade

Date: December 7th, 2008

Time: 2pm

Where: Girard Avenue to Prospect Street to Draper Avenue

For more parade information visit http://ljparade.com/wp/

For more information on La Jolla visit www.lajollavillageonline.com

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