Feeding the Pelicans in Ocean Beach

Feeding Pelicans at the Ocean Beach Pier
Ocean Beach Pier San Diego Ca., 92107

A pelican on the roof of the Ocean Beach Pier cafe

A pelican on the roof of the Ocean Beach Pier cafe

When it comes to fun things to do in San Diego there is a very large list. IN October there are a lot of weekend activities and the weather is normally very good. As a photographer I am always going to Ocean Beach to see if I can get some good surfing photos off the pier or every so often a good shot with a pelican.

The Ocean Beach Pier cafe is one of my favorite places to eat lunch or breakfast with mango pancakes and amazing veggie and lobster tacos.

Since the Ocean Beach pier stretches over a quarter mile into the sea there are plenty of fisherman who like to make this their “fishing hole”.
There is a bait shop next to the cafe that sells just about everything you need for catching fish, or catching the attention of some of the local pelicans. “Anchovies are something they will love to eat”, said a bait shop employee, “just thaw them out and soak them in water for 10 minutes to soften them up”. “Sounds good” I said as I bought 2 bags of anchovies for $3.25 each. Each bag had about 25 anchovies and enough to provide a good snack to a  few of the pelicans hanging out on the rooftop above.

I threw a couple of anchovies onto the roof and was shocked to see that the seagulls liked them just as much as the pelicans. Once I got the pelicans attention they walked right over to the closest spot on the roof where I could toss them up and try to take pictures.
I would say this is better for 2 people with one feeding and another one taking pictures as I was getting a bit “anchovie” smelling with water from the fish dripping off as I tossed them up.

Ocean Beach pelican eating an anchovie

Ocean Beach pelican eating an anchovie

If you really want to get pelicans close and have some fun with the kids come on out to the Ocean Beach Pier and buy some anchovies and feed the pelicans. You will be surprised how long a bag of anchovies can last and how good the pictures and video can be.

Check out some of the links below for photos and videos feeding the pelicans.

A pelican poses for a photo in Ocean Beach

A pelican poses for a photo in Ocean Beach

See videos from Ocean Beach feeding the pelicans
Ocean Beach Pier video # 1 – getting the anchovies

Feeding the pelicans video #1

Feeding the Pelicans in “OB” #2

Pelicans in Ocean Beach

The Ocean Beach Pier video

More Ocean Beach Pier Videos and Photos

Pelicans at the Ocean Beach Pier

Pelicans at the Ocean Beach Pier

South Coast Surf Shops Ocean Beach
Everything you need including surf boards, wetsuits, clothing and accessories. Three locations on Newport Ave. in Ocean Beach.
Visit their website at www.southcoast.com

South Coast Surf Shops

South Coast Surf Shops

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