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LegoLand Attraction information

Legoland Map and area guide

LEGOLAND California is a 128-acre theme park located in Carlsbad, California, 30 miles north of downtown San Diego and 90 miles south of downtown L.A.. The park is the first and only theme park in the United States created by Danish toy maker, the LEGO Company. LEGOLAND California over 50 attractions and boasts shows, restaurants, shopping and landscaping that is specially geared towards children. There are more than 15,000 LEGO models in the Park created from more than 35 million LEGO bricks. These models range from a Brontosaurus named Bronte (made of more than 2 million LEGO bricks) to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh to a tiny rabbit in a magician’s hat in Miniland Las Vegas made of just four bricks. There are three other LEGOLAND parks in the world – LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark (opened in 1968), LEGOLAND Windsor, outside of London (1996) and LEGOLAND Deutschland in Günzburg, Germany (2002). In 2005, LEGOLAND theme parks became part of Merlin Entertainments Group.

The Beginning

At LEGOLAND California, the best place to start the day is at The Beginning.

  • The Big Shop – Guests can enjoy the largest selection of LEGO and LEGOLAND merchandise in the country.
  • The Market – Authentic imported Danishes and freshly baked pastries, espresso, milk, juice, fruit, a selection of yogurts and soft serve ice cream.
  • Marketplace/Stroller & Wheelchair Rental – Here is where guests can rent colorful, practical strollers and either electric or manual wheelchairs as well as purchase film, sundries, candy and much more. Please note stroller and wheelchair rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Package Pickup – LEGOLAND gives families the option to shop early and pick up purchases as they exit the Park.
  • Guest Services/Lost Parents – LEGOLAND Model Citizens (employees) stand ready to assist guests with a variety of services, such as Membership renewal.
  • First Aid – Guests can take advantage of First Aid for breast-feeding infants, using electrical outlets for medical appliances and basic first aid needs.

Dino Island

A naturalistic setting of prehistoric-looking ferns and bamboo filled with “living” life-sized and scale model dinosaurs.

  • Coastersaurus – This junior coaster reaches speeds of nearly 20 miles per hour as it climbs, curves and dips in and around a prehistoric jungle of animated and life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs.
  • Dig Those Dinos – Claws, teeth and bones – the “skeletal remains” of dinosaurs are buried in a 2,400 square foot sand pit waiting to be unearthed by junior excavators.
  • Raptor Splash – Families man battle stations and launch water balloons at each other. This attraction is seasonal and an additional fee is required.

Explore Village

Kids of all ages enjoy this area themed with tons of DUPLO® bricks.

  • Fairy Tale Brook – An enchanting boat ride featuring LEGO models of many favorite childhood Grimm fairytale characters.
  • Safari Trek – Guests venture into the wilds of Africa to see life-sized giraffes, zebras, lions and more – all made of LEGO bricks.
  • Village Theater – Outdoor amphitheater used for special events.
  • Water Works – Interactive water play area where kids can play and splash to the tune of music!
  • Musical Fountain – Children step on the colored circles surrounding this huge fountain and the LEGO instruments play a lively tune!
  • Zany Zoo – Kids use their power to pedal or crank and get a jet of water, then hit targets by the life-sized LEGO animals, and watch them move!
  • Rain Maker – Youngsters become rainmakers by taking a turn on a huge crank and drenching an umbrella-holding LEGO friend below.
  • Stomp and Spritz – Watch as kids stomp on these huge rubber circles and jets of water leap up all around them.
  • Playtown – A play area featuring interactive playhouses, geared toward children ages five and under.
  • LEGOLAND Express – All aboard for a pint-sized adventure on this colorful locomotive.
  • Playtown Theater – Experience LEGOLAND California’s first ever year-round musical production, as Johnny Thunder transports guests on an interactive comedic journey back in time to ancient Egypt.
  • Ristorante Brickolini – Hand-stretched, gourmet wood-fired pizza, fresh pasta topped with a variety of homemade sauces, salads and Fruitizzas – a delicious and unique LEGOLAND dessert – baked and layered with fresh fruit.
  • Studio Store – Visit this store to pick-up all your favorite LEGO® licensed products, like Bob the Builder, Sponge Bob, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Batman. Guests can also record their own CD with over 1,500 songs to choose from (fee required).

Fun Town

LEGOLAND California’s own kid-sized town square where creativity and imagination abound.

  • Fun Town Fire Academy – Families race to put out a “blaze” by piling into a “fire truck” and power it by pumping levers across a paved straightaway. The first family to put out the fire and make it back wins!
  • Volvo Driving School – A “real-life” driving experience for children ages 6 through 13, where kids receive their official LEGOLAND driver license.
  • Volvo Junior Driving School – A scaled down version driving school course for children ages 3 through 5.
  • Sky Cruiser – Guests cycle their way around in high-flying people-powered pedal cars.
  • Kid Power Towers – Kids and parents alike ride to the top of one of three towers to get a great view of the entire Park and even the ocean, then enjoy a fun “free-fall” to the bottom.
  • Skipper School – Young adventurers learn boating skills as they navigate through the “Skipper’s” watery course.
  • Sky Patrol – Pint-sized pilots maneuver their own LEGO helicopter.
  • Flight Squadron – Young aviators “fly” their own biplane.
  • Adventurers’ Club – Families search for hidden keys on a mysterious journey that takes explorers through the Amazon rainforest, ancient Egypt and the Arctic – all made from LEGO bricks, of course!
  • LEGO Clubhouse – Kids and parents stock up on bulk LEGO brick and make-and create-sets while enjoying ice cream, popcorn, beverages and snacks.
  • LEGO Factory Tour – Guests walk through a mini-factory featuring real automated machinery demonstrating molding, decorating, assembly and packaging of LEGO toy sets.
  • Fun Town Stage – “The Big Test” acrobatic fire-safety show teaches and entertains guests of all ages.
  • Fun Town Market Restaurant – This market-style restaurant features a variety of world cuisine prepared fresh before your eyes, a full salad bar and much more.
  • Fun Town Hot Dog – Featuring specialty hot dogs, corn dogs, chili dogs and more – YUM!
  • Burger Stop – Grab your license and a bite at this good ol’ burger stand located right next to the driving schools.
  • Brick Brothers Trading Company – This is where the best dressed LEGO fans get their gear, including Quicksilver and Roxy brands.
  • Model Mom Care Center/Lost Parents – Parents can feed their babies in a comfortable rocking chair, keep formula cold in a refrigerator and change the baby all in one cozy, comfortable nook right off the main street in Fun Town; Guests can also get all their questions answered here and reunite with lost parents.

Pirate Shores

Avast me hearties, embark on an all-new adventure at LEGOLAND California and set your course to Pirate Shores, featuring rides and attractions all based on water play. This pirate-themed area features more than 150 LEGO® models sure to delight guests of all ages. Bring your buccaneers and bathing suits and prepare for fun…if ye dare!

  • Splash Battle – Guests set sail on the high-seas in pirate ships equipped with water cannons to spay other vessels and landlubbers on this watery-ride! Riders taking this voyage are guaranteed to get wet as they sail through twists, turns and magnificent scenes including an amazing sail-through skull.
  • Soak-N-Sail – Featuring hundreds of gallons of water coursing through more than 60 interactive features, this shipwrecked pirate play area features a 38-foot- tall mast and a giant bucket poised to pour more than 300 gallons of water on eager guests.
  • Swabbies Deck – Specially designed for our younger guests, this area contains pop-up spray jets, water fountains and colorful water play features sure to amuse guests of all ages.
  • Treasure Falls – Each log-shaped ride vehicle transports two adults and two children through a swashbuckling adventure featuring two daring drops. Riders will plunge nearly 12 feet past monkeys playing in a tropical jungle.
  • Captain Cranky’s Challenge – The latest addition to Pirate Shores dares guests to test their sea worthiness as they sway back and forth on a pirate ship that sits on a “U-shaped” track and rotates in two directions.

Castle Hill

Hear ye, hear ye! This area of LEGOLAND takes kids back to medieval times where spells are cast and many knights, damsels and dragons are found.

  • Knights’ Tournament – Six robotic arms thrill guests with an experience like no other. Guests choose the intensity level of each ride on this unique robo-coaster.
  • The Dragon – An indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster that features a spirited and humorous view of life behind the scenes within the enchanted LEGOLAND Castle upon the hilltop.
  • The Royal Joust – Kids ride LEGO themed horses through a number of medieval scenes where they encounter other riders in a simulated joust.
  • The Hideaways – A rustic adventure playground with rope climbs, cargo nets and slides.
  • Enchanted Walk – A nature stroll through a landscaped setting, exhibiting LEGO models of animals.
  • Builders’ Guild – Thousands of LEGO bricks beckon young builders.
  • Captain’s Cove Stage – Outside medieval merriment fun (seasonal entertainment).
  • Castle Burgers – Serving burgers fit for a knight!
  • The Knights’ Table Barbecue – Feast on mouthwatering barbecued pork spare ribs and chicken, corn on the cob and more.
  • Wild Woods Golf – Families can experience golf on a LEGOLAND scale! Guests encounter LEGO sculptures of woodland creatures as they challenge themselves in this miniature golf adventure. An additional fee is required for this attraction.
  • An exclusive specialty! Granny’s Apple Fries – The home of our signature dessert item. This must have snack is made with crisp Granny Smith Apples, powdered with cinnamon and sugar and served with a deliciously sweet vanilla cream sauce.
  • Fool Scoops – Featuring a selection of ice cream, including Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, served in homemade waffle cones.
  • The King’s Treasury – Guests pan for gems and fortune. (Additional fee required).
  • King’s Market – Grab great gifts and apparel reminiscent of the Renaissance era.

Land of Adventure

Adventurers of all ages explore hidden tombs and hunt for treasure in this thrilling block of attractions set in 1920s Egypt – featuring 75 LEGO models created with nearly half a million bricks.

  • Lost Kingdom Adventure – LEGOLAND California’s first-ever dark ride invites guests to fire laser blasters at targets and brave the rugged Egyptian landscape in all-terrain roadsters, while attempting to unearth the vast treasures of a forgotten empire.
  • Pharaoh’s Revenge – This outdoor attraction lets children and parents fire soft foam balls at enemies and explore the complex maze of the Pharaoh’s kingdom.
  • Beetle Bounce – Launch 15-feet up toward intricate, brightly jeweled LEGO scarab beetles perched atop two monumental obelisks.
  • Cargo Ace – Young pilots soar through the sky on a fun flying adventure.

Miniland USA

This eye-catching area is the heart of the Park featuring more than 24 million LEGO bricks! Miniland presents stunning reproductions of American landmarks built with remarkable detail from seven different geographical areas of the country.

  • Las Vegas features the world-famous Strip including the Luxor Las Vegas, New York, New York Hotel and Casino, Excalibur, Mirage, Treasure Island, Tropicana, MGM Grand, Venetian, Stratosphere tower and two iconic structures of Paris Las Vegas, the balloon sign and Eiffel Tower. “The Strip” at LEGOLAND also features a miniature wedding chapel, monorails and real life sounds recorded in Las Vegas. The architectural landmark is built out of more than two-million bricks and represents more than sixteen-thousand hours of creative artistry.
  • An animated New England countryside with an adjoining farm encourages young guest interaction. When colored buttons on various poles surrounding the scenes are pushed, the LEGO people and animals come to life.
  • Florida includes an interactive Daytona International Speedway where guests can race LEGO brick cars.
  • Washington, D.C. sports faithful recreations of the White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian, Washington and Jefferson monuments and parts of Georgetown. An animated marching band parades in front of the Capitol as a new president is sworn in. Tiny cherry trees blossom every spring.
  • Every day is Mardi Gras in New Orleans as garish floats snake through the streets, revelers raise their arms demanding trinkets, and ‘gators snooze in bayous next to antebellum mansions.
  • New York features the Freedom Tower years before its completion in the Big Apple. Tiny jets of water shoot up in the fountain in Rockefeller Plaza, while an army of animated yellow taxicabs prowls the streets of Times Square. The Statue of Liberty, a cutaway view of Grand Central Station, The Empire State Building, The Guggenheim Museum and the Bronx Zoo are just a few of the recognizable landmarks.
  • From San Diego surfer dudes to the Hollywood Bowl to San Francisco’s Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge, The California Coastline captures the state’s beauty and diversity.
  • Block of Fame – A collection of busts including Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, William Shakespeare, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Marilyn Monroe flank the path leading up to a scenic lookout point along with many other luminaries through the centuries, depicted in LEGO bricks.
  • Art of LEGO – At the culmination of the fantastic Block of Fame, The Art of LEGO gallery provides guests with a whimsical and fascinating LEGO version of world-renowned art including Rodin’s “The Thinker”, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory.”
  • Model Shop – Guests are dazzled as they watch Master Model Builders create new and exciting LEGO models for the Park right in front of their eyes!
  • Coast Cruise – This grand tour is an ideal vantage point for guests of all ages to enjoy the sights and adventures along the lakeshore and in Miniland.
  • Garden Restaurant – Caters to the health conscious diner, featuring freshly prepared gourmet sandwiches, soups and salads, and several vegetarian options.

Imagination Zone

This zone emphasizes exploring and creation, while showcasing seven of the most visually exciting LEGO models in the world, including a replica of Albert Einstein’s head.

  • LEGO TECHNIC Test Track – Brave guests feel the power of acceleration, braking and maneuverability as they race a life-size LEGO TECHNIC vehicle along a wild roller coaster track. This coaster is one of the fastest rides at LEGOLAND, topping speeds of 26 mph with a five-story drop.
  • AQUAZONE Wave Racers – The first dual water carousel ride in North America. Riders zip in and out of waves as they dodge water blasters.
  • LEGO Show Place – Spellbreaker – This 4-D movie adventure set in medieval times transports guests to a world or swords and sorcerers, where a gallant blacksmith aides a young princess on a country road. They must then work together to save their kingdom from the plans of an evil wizard.
  • LEGO Show Place – LEGO Racers 4-D – An exciting 4-D movie experience, which entices 400 guests at a time into the world of race car driving, as they dodge wind, smoke, snow and water through this sensory adventure.
  • BIONICLE> Blaster – An interactive spinning ride that puts guests in the middle of the action. The more they spin the wheel in the center of the car, the wilder the ride.
  • DUPLO Play – Imaginations come alive in this area where younger children create LEGO brick masterpieces.
  • Build & Test – Build a LEGO car and test it against the competition on the digitally timed track.
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS> – Build and program cutting edge, computerized LEGO MINDSTORMS™ robots. Reservations are recommended.
  • Upper Deck> SPORTS Cafe – This full-service restaurant at the Park lets guests enjoy Southern California Cuisine and comes equipped with an exciting playroom for the kids.
  • Pizza Mania – Whole personal pizzas, salads, soft serve ice cream, snacks and more.


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LegoLand Attraction information

Legoland Map and area guide

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