Skorpions High Performance Skates Hit San Diego Beaches

Skorpian Sports Ltd. introduces
new high performance skates
for San Diego’s beaches and boardwalks

Mission Beach San Diego Ca.

Skorpion Street Skates...the new thing to hit the San Diego boardwalk!

Skorpion Street Skates...the new thing to hit the San Diego boardwalk!

When it comes to skating down the boardwalks of Southern California beaches there are a host of different things you will see. Roller blades and roller skates are still used frequently along with skateboarders and some tennis shoe styled wheels to go sideways. There is a new super skate however that has hit the beach boardwalks and that is a new 4 wheel skate called the “Quadline Street” produced by Skorpion Sports Ltd. based out of Hamilton New Zealand.

“These skates use high performance wheels, with the frame very much like a car that goes over your shoes”, said skater Mitch Olander. “They are much easier to use than roller blades and the design they have provides much more ankle support”.

Skorpion Skates are new in the San Diego area but local surf shop and bike rental shops expect them to take off. “We have seen a great response to this product from our clients and as the word gets out I am confident this will be as big as roller blades were when they hit the mainstream”, said Orange County surf shop owner Russell Owens.

“We expect to be one of the main shops carrying the product going into the summer of 2009”.

When it comes to a comfortable ride on skates that make skating easy Skorpian skates are sure to be a hit with visitors and locals in the
Southern California beach areas as this new product begins to hit the American Markets.

According to Skorpion Sports LTD president Gary Reid “Over the past few years I’ve heard many amazing tales about the people who are using our skates. From the elderly gentleman in Germany who used his multi terrain skates to be towed behind his Huskies to his mail box a mile away, to the American lady who recently made the most of a trip to Europe by using our Quadline urban skates to transport her quickly between the list of famous sights she wanted to see – I am constantly amazed at the many creative ways that people are using our skates. ”

The San Diego and Southern California boardwalks seem to be the next
place you will see these skates as consumers start seeing more of them
in local sporting stores and surf shops along the coast.

Buy Skorpion Skates Online
Visit their website at:


Skorpion Skates in Manhattan Beach

Skorpion Skates in Manhattan Beach

Buy Skorpion Skates Online
Visit their website at:

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