Misti May Treanor Tears Achilles tendon on Dancing with the Stars

Misti May Treanor Achilles tendon injury
requires surgery and a long recovery

Misti May Treanor in Manhattan Beach Sept. 2008

Misti May Treanor in Manhattan Beach Sept. 2008

Just when you thought the stock in the AVP’s biggest rising star
could not get any bigger, the unthinkable happens as Misti May Treanor
tears an Achilles tendon while practicing for her “Dancing with the Stars”
TV show in Los Angeles.

Misty is sort of philosophical about her injury – she’s going into surgery tomorrow and has full hopes of recovery. She was planning on taking a year off volleyball anyway, so now she’ll just mend up and spend some time with her family, reports the Dancing with the Stars blog.

Maksim and Misty trade kind words, and she vows to come back to the show and dance the jive again.

Maksim says, “Misty gave it her all. I’m very proud of her and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

If Misti May Treanor has to take a year off to recover and heal, what does that do for her partner Kerri Walsh and her 2009 season?

The AVP Tour begins in spring and it will be interesting to see what happens as the season gets ready to begin. Even more interesting will be to see which womens team or teams step up to become dominant in 2009 and if Kerri Walsh picks another partner to play with during the recovery.

The AVP Tour will greatly miss their 2 time gold winning olympic champion
but for Misti May Treanor this will be a good time to relax and try to spend more time with her husband Matt, who play for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team and has his own 162+ game season obligations.

“This may be a blessing for Misti May Treanor”, said SoCal Beaches Magazine columnist Trever Hugh. “What more can you do than go on a year winning streak and capture your second olympic gold medal”? “Misti has done everything possible on the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour and now she can get some well deserved time with her husband and focus on her health and recovery”. “We will miss her although I am sure she will be doing bits with FOX Sports to help broadcast the games and provide insight which will keep her in the spotlight”.

It will be interesting to see what happens going into the 2009 season, not only with Misti, but with her partner Kerri Walsh………stay tuned…….in the meantime Misti get well and go watch Matt win the World Series….Go Rays!

Misti May Treanor in Manhattan Beach 2008

Misti May Treanor in Manhattan Beach 2008

For more information on the AVP Tour visit www.AVP.com

More Misti May Treanor Photos from 2008 below:




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