OMBAC Longboard Classic Brings Back the “Endless Summer” Era

2008 OMBAC Longboard Classic Surf Contest
Sept. 21 2008 – The Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach

A surfer "walks the plank" and prepares to "hang 10"

The 2008 OMBAC Longboard Classic once again provided the excitement
and fun that would remind many older surfers of days gone by.

The event was held just north of The Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach and featured classic surfboards from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The event also requires that all boards be at least 10 feet long to make it a
real longboarding event.

“This event is one of the best surfing events in San Diego and OMBAC does a great job using this as a way to raise money for local charities”, said Bob Anderson a “PB” local and avid long board surfer.

Classic pre 1970 Longboards at the 2008 OMBAC Surf Classic

Classic pre 1970 Longboards at the 2008 OMBAC Surf Classic

The OMBAC surf classic does a great job bringing out the “Endless Summer”
lifestyle and many of the participants are from the era of The Beach Boy’s and longbaords hanging out of the back of a woodie.

It is also nice to see a younger generation of surfers partaking in the event and enjoying the California beaches just as their parents did 25 years before.

The whole term “hang 10” started when longboard surfers were hanging all ten toes off the front of the board while riding. Not something you see very much anymore with all the new short boards in the water.

The OMBAC Surf Classic is a great event to watch from the pier, the beach or online with our

Check out some of the photos and videos at

A longboarder catches some "tube" at the OMBAC Surf Classic

A longboarder catches some tube at the 2008 OMBAC Longboard Surf Classic

Check out some of the videos of surfers “hanging 10” below!

Longboard Surfing video #1

Longboard Surfing video #2

Longboard Surfing video #3

Longboard Surfing video #4

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