Pacific Beach Surf Cam Ranked #1 in San Diego

“PB” Surf Web Cam Ranks as “Best in San Diego”

Pacific Beach Surf Cam
Watch the “PB” surf cam click here

When it comes to watching live surfing on the Internet
there are a alot of web cams that offer locations that can
focus on some of the best surf breaks in San Diego.

Many of the cameras are land based and have to zoom in quite
a distance to see the action and when they do the surfers and breaks
are very far in the distance.

One camera in San Diego has been able to over come that and position itself right on the surf breaks north and south of the Crystal Pier.

The Pacific Beach Surf Cam sits out towards the end of The Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach and was recently recognized by the “California Action Surfers”, as the “Best Surf Web Cam in San Diego“.

“Some of the reasons they won had to do with location, but also a contributing factor was that visitors coming on the page can also
control the camera”, said Paul Fischer a spokeperson for the organization.
“This camera can capture the surf breaks from “PB” Drive to the south and Tourmaline Surf Park to the north, and because it sits almost 200 feet over the water it is very close to the surf breaks in these locations”. “Add the fact that the feed is free to view and you can see why it is our top choice for the San Diego area”. “Our surf members love this camera and view it all the time, even if they are not in San Diego”, he said laughing.

The Pacific Beach surf cam is owned and run by SoCal Beaches Magazine and has been on The Crystal Pier for over 4 years. “Last year we had to go out and redo some of the wiring, but the camera is running better than ever and becoming very popular for not just surfers, but people from around the world”. Said Socal Beaches Magazine spokesperson Mark Fitzgerald. “We are lucky to have some great sponsors including Bob’s Mission Surf and Dr. Steve Brody (who also the CEO of a local website called “La Jolla World“, which also broadcasts the feed.”)

Advertisers pay $150.00 per month to run the feed in their websites. “Our monthly cost to run this camera is over $500.00 per month which includes pier rent, internet cable and wireless transmission charges” Said Fitzgerald.
“In addition we have to run maintenance to replace and clean wiring and equipment” he said “but it is well worth it”.

“We are always looking for new sponsors and people who wish to buy the feed”. For a company who is looking to add content to a website this is a great deal for only $5.00 a day, especially when the visitors can control the camera” Fitzgerald commented when asked how many clients run the feed currently. (You can get information on placing the feed on your website at

The Pacific Beach Surf Cam sits about 250 off the entrance of the pier and is the farthest camera out over the water in Southern California.

To view the Pacific Beach Surf Cam visit click

A special thank you for this surf camera goes to:

Jim and Randy at The Crystal Pier for all of their help and support
getting this camera hooked up (3 years ago) and for helping us
get everything done.
Sleep over the ocean on the Crystal Pier at
The Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages

Zach the camera tech master who finally came out and
trouble shot some bad wiring to get the camera back up
(which is not easy on a pier built in 1926)
Look him up at:

US Relay and Dotworkz for thier ongoing help and new
flash screen presentation (much more effecient than our old
java script frame) including Tom, Will, Jacob and Gail!
check them out at:

Dr. Steve Brody and our friends at
for helping us this camera and wiring set up updated.

Time Warner Cable Road Runner Business Services!~
These guys are great and made every effort to get techs out to
check their wiring and making sure our modems and equipment
stay updated and free of ocean air rust etc…

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