Shia LaBeouf Visits Mission Beach San Diego

Actor Shia LaBeouf Visits Mission Beach San Diego

What do you do when one of your all time favorite cars cannot be found in L.A.?

You go to San Diego and pick it up is the answer and the reason actor Shia Labeouf came to Mission Beach.

Shia came and picked up a 1975 Checker,( a cab styled car which seats 8 people ) and drove it back to Los Angeles.

“Why by a Rolls Royce when I can buy a Checker”, he said smiling. LaBeouf has been a fan of the Checker since a kid when he was driven to his auditions in one by his agent.

LaBeouf came down in April just before the opening of the Indiana Jones movie.

Shia LaBeouf is the most quiet and laid back people I have ever met in Hollywood and is the kind of person who is very easy to talk to and someone who cares about people.

Aside from his acting roles Shia is working on trying to find some charitable causes to start supporting in an effort to give back.

For more info on Shia visit his fan website at

Photos by Sean Callahan and SoCal Beaches Magazine
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