San Diego Dog Beaches – Great Places to Walk Your Dog

The Best of San Diego “Dog Beaches”
Great Places to Walk Your Dog

A look at one of the trails and beach areas at Fiesta Island on Mission Bay. Fiesta Island offers over 100 acres of walking space for people and dogs.

San Diego California offers some of the best beaches in
Southern California for over 2 million visitors per year.

In addition to great beaches for people, there are also
some great places to walk your dog where both you
and your pet can get some exercise while enjoying
the ocean breeze.

Check out some of the best dog beaches in the San Diego
area below.

Best San Diego Dog Beaches
San Diego has a lot of great places to take dogs for a walk.
Since people need the walking as much as the dogs do
here are three places we recommend at the beach.

1. Dog Beach Fiesta Island
This place is awesome and when we walk
our dogs there it takes about 45 minutes
to cover the walking the entire area.
This spot offers large fields and open space
and a ton of beach access to Mission Bay.
There is always plenty of parking and plenty of trails
to walk the pets on. See map and directions below.

Join and help preserve this area!
The City has tried in the past to offer this space
to developers or to use it as a boat ramp etc…
Needless to say we do not feel we need any more
pavement or development on park land and we
hope that this area will be left alone for the great
walking sanctuary it is for people as much as animals.

Fiesta Island Dog Owners
FIDO is a project of a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
and contributions are tax deductible according to law

Our mission is to preserve the Fiesta Island Leash-free Recreational Area. We are a community based organization with over 3000 members which is rapidly growing. We are a diverse group of citizens who share a common passion and vision for Fiesta Island. We are the largest user group of Fiesta Island and unlike other user groups, we use the island 365 days a year, rain or shine. FIDO has a board of 11 members who are working hard with the city to find a reasonable solution that meets the needs of ‘all’ Fiesta Island Users.
Get more information on click here

2. Dog Beach Ocean Beach
This beach location sits at the North end of Ocean Beach
and is one of the most popular spots for locals who have dogs who
love the water. Nothing helps tire a dog out faster than chasing balls in
the surf. Not nearly as big as Fiesta Island, but there is plenty of
space to spread out. Parking on weekends can be a challange so
get there early!

3. Dog Beach Del Mar
This is another great spot to walk your dog and is located
just south of Via De La Valle and Highway 101.
There is not as much space here as at the other beaches
so sometimes it is best to wait and go during low tide where
a 2 block section of beach opens up to the north.
This beach is home to the Helen Woodward Dog Surfing
Competition, which takes place in September.

4. Dog Beach Imperial Beach
Dog Beach in Imperial Beach is also
a great spot for walking dogs in San Diego.
The section just south of the pier past the
jetty and Palm Avenue is where the dogs
can roam and chase balls and is also
the home to The Loews Dog Surfing Contest

Find Maps and Driving Directions for
each dog beach location below.

Maps and Driving Directions to San Diego Dog Beaches

The wonderful dog walking area on Fiesta Island

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