“Mission Beach Girls” Showcasing the best in San Diego Swimsuit Models

SoCal Beaches Magazine “Mission Beach Girls”
showcase the best in local swimsuit and bikini models

Socal Beaches Magazine is known for covering local events,
classic cars, attraction tickets and even more now for their
swimsuit and bikini models.

SoCal Beaches Magazine originally started (and is still located in)
Mission Beach where the swimsuit models were referred to as
“Mission Beach Girls”. Mission Beach Girls referred to the everyday
girls hanging out at the beach, which is largely comprised of students
attending some of the many campuses and universities in the area.

“Mission Beach Girls” were the everyday girls who lived at the beach
and spent time cruising the boardwalk and living the beach lifestyle.
When not waitressing or working part time for local businesses, they
wouold find the time to do a photo shoot for the www.MissionBeachGirls.com

The idea of Mission Beach swimsuit and bikini models is not new since swimsuit models and fashion shows have documented the history in Mission Beach as early as 1925 when John Speckels hired Hal Roach and his bathing beaties to showcase the swimsuits of the day at The Mission Beach Amusement Park, now known as Belmont Park.

Mission Beach was developed as a beach resort community and still ranks
today as the most popular beach in the San Diego area.

Mission Beach Girls are now showcased as the swimsuit models featured in
SoCal Beaches Magazine and their popularity is steadily growing.
“We have gotten over 150,000 visits on our www.Myspace.com/missionbeachgirls page and we continue
to see more and more people visiting our website to see pictures of the models and the Southern California beach lifestyle”, said photographer Sean Callahan who has been photographing models for the website over the last 5 years, “Ever since we have added video to our photo shoots the popularity has greatly increased”.

We have also been getting requests for the models to be used in TV segments and promotional events now that the word is starting to get out and many people want to get a chance to meet some of these local beach residents.

“Our goal is to showcase and feature at least 2 swimsuit models per month for the website and keep udated photos and content coming in on a regular basis”, added Mark Fitzgerald the magazine’s
fashion editor.

See more of these beautiful San Diego and Southern California swimsuit and bikini models at
www.missionbeachgirls.com www.socalbeachmag.net and www.myspace.com/missionbeachgirls www.myspace.com/socalbeachesmagazine

Featured Classic Car & Swimsuit Model
Photo Shoots & Pictures

Check out some of the hottest Southern California swimsuit models and classic cars photographed along Southern California’s best beaches below!
Cara, Summer and a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in Pacific Beach
A day in with Julia and a 1932 Ford Woodie Hot Rod in Pacific Beach
A day with Heather, Nicole and a1951 Hot Rod in Oceanside
A day with Nicollete and a 1957 Chevy in Mission Beach
A day with Tashia and a 1948 Hudson Hot Rod in Mission Beach
A day with Lorena, Naomi and 1957 Thunderbird in Mission Beach
A day with JOvon and a 1964 Impala SS convertible in Mission BeachA day with Cara, Brooke and a 1947 Woodie Fleetmaster in Ocean Beach

A day with Tashia and a 1957 Chevy in Imperial Beach
A day with Leslie and a 2003 / 1953 Corvette in Mission Beach
A day with Jenni and a 1951 Woodie at Silver Strand State Beach Coronado
A day with Lindsey and a 1951 Woodie in Huntington Beach
A day with A.J., Cara and Jackie with a 1937 Plymouth Woodie Pacific Beach
A day with Heather and a 1958 Edsel hardtop Mission Beach

More swimsuit models and classic cars click here

Featured “Mission Beach Girl” Swimsuit Model Videos
Say hello to the swimsuit models behind the scenes at
some of our recent photo shoots in the videos below

* Swimsuit models Cara and Summer at The Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach
* Swimsuit model Cara in South Mission Beach
Swimsuit model Summer in South Mission Beach
* Swimsuit Model Leslie in Mission Beach on the boardwalk

Tashia and a 1948 Hudson Hot Rod

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