Ocean Beach Pier Cafe – A Great Place to Eat!

There are a lot of choices on places to eat and have breakfast, lunch or dinner at San Diego’s beach communities. Many places are great for breakfast, others are better or more suited for lunch and yet others are great places for dinner, happy hour etc….

One restaurant however is very unique in it’s views and location and that is The Ocean Beach Pier Cafe. First you have to understand that since it is in Ocean Beach it is going to have a very laid back atmosphere. Ocean Beach is known as the most laid back beach community in San Diego since it is home to many of the hippies and flower children from the 60’s. There is nothing better on a sunny day to know that a pair of shorts and flip flops are perfect for this hip little cafe.

Now add in the fact that this cafe is located on the longest concrete pier on the West Coast and you can see that the views are amazing with window views of the pier and the shore almost a quarter mile back. The Ocean Beach pier is set up like an old east coast fishing restaurant with boat relics scatted through out the place, adding to it’s casual and cozy decor.

The best part of the place however is the great and friendly service and also the AWESOME food they prepare for guests. The most popular items include mango pancakes for breakfast and the famous lobster tacos for lunch and dinner. The menu is large and the cost is very reasonable. The tacos are over sized so when they give them to you they add an extra tortilla for all that falls out. I always get the “veggie tacos”, where they sub refried beans for the lobster and they are awesome. Fresh is probably the first word that comes to mind and then “healthy” and then “filling”. I get 2 huge tacos and a drink for about 8 dollars and I am done eating for a long time.

The Ocean Beach pier is more than just going to have lunch, it is an adventure. It is a great place to take the kids, friends or someone special
and the walk and the trip out to the location is half the fun.

There is always great surfing to watch and when the waves get big the whole place shakes as large waves pass through. Pelicans are always out diving for fish and occasionally begging from fishermen on the pier and the fresh ocean breeze and air is very refreshing.

The Ocean Beach Pier Cafe is a must thing to do for those visiting San Diego and if you go during the week you will find that parking is pretty easy.

For more information on The Ocean Beach Pier and Pier Cafe including a map click on the link below

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